Index of /Standard.ProvideX/File-Server/Version-4.20

 NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

 Parent Directory  -  
 libpvx-objects-7.50.0006.taz2007-07-25 21:00 4.1M 
 file-server-4.20.1000-aix.5-32bit-powerpc.taz2007-07-25 21:00 249KIBM AIX
 file-server-4.20.1000-redhat.7-32bit-x86.taz2007-07-25 21:00 194KRedhat Not Enterprise
 file-server-4.20.1000-rhel.3-32bit-x86.taz2007-07-25 21:00 184KRedhat Enterprise
 file-server-4.20.1000-sco.5-32bit-x86.taz2007-07-25 21:00 185KSCO Unix
 file-server-4.20.1000-sco.6-32bit-x86.taz2007-07-25 21:00 187KSCO Unix
 file-server-4.20.1000-solaris.8-32bit-sparc.taz2007-07-25 21:00 223KSun Solaris
 file-server-4.20.1000-windows-32bit-x86.exe2007-07-15 21:00 9.8MWindows

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